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Do you have what it takes?


At College Dance Prep we hire the best of the best to serve as PrepMasters. Our team is made up of outgoing, motivational, responsible and committed former or current college dance team members. 


It's not uncommon for those who have gone through the CDP program to become PrepMasters and continue giving back.  Our PrepMasters are among the most talented dancers and teachers in the country. We only choose the best of the best, and look for those who inspire others and can share their passion for dance in an exceptional way. 


In order to be a PrepMaster you MUST:

Be a current member on a college dance team or have been on a college dance team


How to Apply

  • Apply online by filling out the form below

  • After your application has been received, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.



Contact Us

Email any additional questions to our PrepMaster Advisory Board at

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