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University of Nebraska CDP Success Caroline

Caroline, Nebraska

I am so excited to be a part of the Husker Scarlets Dance Team. I did Zoom privates with Natalie and she really taught me what to expect at a college dance team tryout. She gave me great tips on what a college dance team coach is looking for, and how to be successful and confident going into the audition weekend. Thank you Natalie and CDP for helping my dream come true!

Clemson Dance Team CDP Success Keegan

Keegan, Clemson

My experience with CDP was incredible. Through the instruction, I was really able to grow as a dancer and reach my goals. The support offered by CDP was unparalleled, and I felt extremely prepared for my auditions. I looked forward to every private, and I am so thankful for all of the support from CDP and my PrepMaster. A big thanks to CDP for helping me make the Rally Cats for my final season!

CU Buffs Dance Team CDP Success Lauren

Lauren, CU

Thank you CDP and most importantly Natalie for my weekly Zoom privates. Natalie helped me gain skills and learn the tryout process. She has amazing energy and I felt supported right from the start. I also had the pleasure to train with Katie who provided great insights and technique skills. CDP made the difference in my preparation and it was an absolute honor to work with Natalie and Katie. CDP is the way t go when getting ready for collegiate dance team tryouts. 

Baylor Spirit Squad CDP Success

Brooke, Baylor

CDP was so instrumental in helping make my college team. My PrepMaster Gabby was so helpful. She really helped me grasp the collegiate style and get out of my comfort zone. I felt more confident going into tryouts having some experience with the collgiate style coming from a high school drill team. I am so thankful I found CDP! I'm so excited to continue dancing in college

Arizona Pomline CDP Success McKenna Gehrke

McKenna, Arizona

"I participated in the group clinics in Colorado and I am SO glad I did. College Dance Prep helped prepare me for tryouts in ways I didn't even know I could be. Whether it was learning what to eat, dancing my best, or experiencing a mock audition, I felt confident and ready to go come time for tryouts. The instructors come from all different dance backgrounds with different levels of experience and would never hesitate to offer helpful advice. I loved my experience with CDP and am so thankful I did it! 


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