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Virtual Training 


COVID brought to the forefront something we have always done-

virtual training. 


Virtual training gives dancers:

  • Complete access to different PrepMasters around the country

  • Convenience 

  • Safety


With virtual training, CDP clients are able to hand pick the PrepMaster they want to work with, and have much more flexibility in scheduling lessons. 


With 7 years of experience and proven success, CDP virtual training has proven to be one of our most effective training styles. Contact us if you have any questions.

Video Camera

"My experience with CDP training virtually was incredible. Through the instruction, I was really able to grow as a dancer and reach my goals. Training virtually was so convenient, and it pushed me to be accountable for myself and my growth.

The support CDP offers is unparalleled, and I felt extremely prepared for my auditions. I looked forward to every private, and I am so thankful for all of the support from CDP. 

-Keegan, South Carolina

Team made: Clemson Rally Cats

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