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Group Clinics

Group clinics are CDP's most popular choice. Different PrepMasters from colleges around the nation join Natalie Chernow to give dancers an extensive look into different college auditions. With designated gameplans for each of the 6 clinics, dancers get the full range of how various auditions work. 


Group clinics not only cover dance technique, but also interview help, attire, beauty, and specific audition tricks and tips. 


The 6 session package is designed as a trademarked cohesive curriculum, with each new lesson adding on and building from the previous session. Each session has a completely different focus and curriculum, becoming more advanced as the weeks progress. During the final session, a mock tryout will take place, giving the girls a sense of how far they've come, and a realistic outcome in a competitive tryout environment.


CDP adequately prepares dancers for any competitive audition they take part in, while giving them the confidence to make an impact.

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